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Paul is a career coach for songwriters, singers, musicians, producers and engineers of all SKILL levels.

Paul isn't a music teacher. He's a Grammy® Award-winning music industry professional who brings years of experience writing, recording, producing, engineering, taking care of business and playing music for and with artists as diverse as Aerosmith, Ringo Starr, Eric Carmen, Ozzy Ozbourne and Kid Rock (to name a few). His extensive engineering resume, combined with his experience as a studio musician, touring musician and TV/Film composer, positions him as an advantageous career coach for musicians ranging from hobbyists and up-and-coming artists to established industry professionals.

Unlike many advisors, Paul has actually been there AND done that. And then some….he lived to tell the tale while helping others on their journey. That, coupled with his unique personality and approach to art/business, make all the difference when choosing someone to help your art break through today's cultural noise floor!

Paul provides a fully comprehensive approach to the creative process through virtual, in-person, and pre-recorded sessions.


Dial in your songwriting!!

Blow your musicianship & vocals way up!

Create recordings that matter and flatter the song!!

Spend money wisely and use free platforms freely

Help your audience find YOU!

Look at solutions rather than problems!!!


Speaking to open minds...

Speaking to open minds...


  • Songwriting

  • Pre and full production help

  • Arranging parts

  • Vocal & harmony arrangement

  • Optimizing instrument tones

  • Multi-instrument techniques

  • Creating a unique sound

  • Financial strategies: spend wisely

  • Personal branding & identity

  • Stage presence & presentation

  • Promotion & audience building

  • Mediating band/mgmt disputes

  • Working within the real world


  • College

  • Clinics/Seminars

  • Music Industry Functions

  • Industry Schools & Camps


  • Guitars

  • Keyboards

  • Backing Vocals

  • Drums and Bass

  • Creative remixing service


  • In person

  • FaceTime, Skype etc.

  • Pre-recorded from your questions

  • Live audio conferencing

  • File transfers for sessions

  • Combination of any/all



Paul has written, recorded, performed on and engineered records from Boston to LA, to London, reggae to metal, and country to hip-hop. He has been at the console as both Steven Tyler and Joe Perry's personal engineer, and recorded sound for artists such as David Gilmour, Eric Clapton, Kid Rock, Eric Carmen and Ringo Starr as well as producers Desmond Child, Jack Douglas and Mark Hudson. 

Aside from his recording and production prowess, Paul is a go-to studio and live musician. He has appeared on records as a guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, singer and drummer through a variety of labels, from Sony Music to small indies. He's played many shows performing with a variety of music's biggest acts, and has also appeared on both "Late Night with David Letterman" and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." 

Outside of the rock and roll world, Paul is a music business consultant, who takes great pleasure in advising beginners to Rock & Roll Hall of Famers. He also composes music for TV, film, mobile apps, video games and other recording artists. He's composed pieces for many diverse shows and networks, ranging from The Discovery Channel and Lifetime Movies to shows  like "American Pickers" and "This Old House".

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