Special Career Coaching Pricing Right Now For Early 2019!!!

$99 The Problem Solver! One hour, use it however you please, whenever you please. One hour is great for solving issues and questions at hand- 15 or 20 minutes to discuss the issues & the remainder for me to offer solutions & see how you feel about them. Stuck on a song, a mix or need advice on your gear? Try this!!

$249 The Career Builder! Save almost 20%! Three hours usable over three months! This tier is excellent for growth and development, as well as analysis of projects like recording, songwriting, production and dialing in your voice or instrument. Use the time however you want, and even in increments, to best suit your need: phone conversation, submit material/recordings to me, Skype chat to do real-time tweaking and more! A great choice for seeing bigger results.

$599 VIP Artist Exclusive! Eight hours of career guidance covering ANY issue you might have or develop, with IMMEDIATE ON-CALL SERVICE via text, good for 6 months saving 25%! That’s over two hunnerd dollah! This is for artists who are in it for real and want to seriously move forward.

Recording session work: I am available at the first two rates above ($99 & $249). Additional work continues at the hourly rate.

Creative mixing is project-based; please email me!

I currently accept payment via Paypal.