"When my friend Paul Santo asked me to write a few words about him for his website, I was a bit lost as to where I should begin. Of course, I could easily write about his extremely positive nature and his versatility as a superb musician/songwriter, engineer & producer. But how do you sum up a guy like Paul's overall ability to not just survive in a brutal business like the music industry--but thrive in it? Let's just say, Paul has the acumen for navigating a vast spectrum of obstacles in the music business... from its smallest, most ethereal intricacies, to its major, career crushing landmines. He's managed to do this, not just because of his amazing talent as a singer/songwriter, superb guitarist, and keyboardist, along with his ability to play a slew of other instruments, but because of his genuine likability, intelligence and brilliant sense of humor. Paul has managed to forge lasting relationships with huge stars (Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Ringo Starr, etc.) in a business where nothing is "lasting".  He's done this because they believe in his ability, and, he's just fun to be around! They also trust his judgment in the studio, whether he's playing, singing or engineering. Paul's experience in the music business of days-gone-by, and his willingness to think "outside the box" is what makes him relevant today. Paul started in the business when recording studios recorded musicians playing real instruments.  He knows what a hit record sounds like, and he remains ahead of the curve, even with all of the advances in technology.  In an industry where artists are no longer getting paid what they used to for making music, Paul has figured out how to capitalize on the art that he loves. Making music is Paul's passion --whether it's his own, or helping someone else create their vision in the studio.  I think it's extraordinary that he is willing to share his expertise with others who are up-and-coming, as well as those who have already been entrenched for decades. If you want someone who can help you realize your full potential as an artist, while avoiding the pitfalls....'Just Call Paul!'"

- Eric Carmen (composer, singer, musician, founder of Raspberries)

"Paul Santo has been, and still is, a great friend, but more to this point, an irreplaceable asset to my career, as a fully qualified engineer on both my antiquated Neve board and the most up-to-date computer-based recording equipment. Also, equally as important, Paul has played drums, guitar, keyboards and Hammond organ on both my solo work and live gigs. He’s creative, reliable, and frankly, most important; fun to work with. I’ve spent many hours in the studio with him and he always seems one step ahead of me. I couldn't give him a higher recommendation."

- Joe Perry (Aerosmith, solo artist)

"Paul Santo is a friend of ours, who is a brilliant musician. He is one of those kids that just got that ‘bolt of lightning.’  He’s great on drums, guitar, piano, and he knows ProTools and he helped Joey and I in preparing our bass and drum parts. During the writing process, Steven and Joe, Marti Fredrickson and Mark Hudson would record as they wrote.  These cool little demos would come out of it that they would send them around to the rest of us, so we could prepare our take on it.  It was great.  Paul would come over and he would run ProTools and help me record my practicing so I could hear what I was doing right and wrong. He was not only able to run the ProTools for me, he’d be able to give me suggestions that were essentially shortcuts to getting it all good.  It’s an important thing to find a mentor, a teacher or a guru, whatever you want to refer to that person as. They’re not necessarily teaching you stuff you couldn’t learn on your own, but they shorten the process, highlighting and pointing things out that you might not see for six months or six years. You want a teacher that looks at what you do and sees that you could potentially go in the right direction and then they just show you how to find it yourself. I recommend to anyone who is playing an instrument, find someone who is a guru..."

- Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith)


"I have known Paul for many years both as an engaging and inspired recording colleague, and as an intensely creative musician.

I have had the opportunity to work with Paul in myriad professional settings in my own roles as both a music producer and as a musician. Paul is a producer’s dream session musician: he is a virtuoso as a guitarist and keyboardist, and quite facile on a number of other instruments as well. He is able to arrange parts on the fly due to his many years of experience playing on scores of successful recordings. He also has the key attributes of a great session player: he can follow directions from a producer or artist while grooving with the flow of the music, but he can also add as much of his own creativity as the song needs. I also have worked as a musician playing in bands with Paul, and his creativity and grooving ability always add immeasurable value to a performance.

Paul has also produced many successful records himself, and he has spoken knowledgeably and passionately with my students about the production process. I think he has both the empathy and the inspiration of a fine teacher...and I would look forward to him playing an important role in mentoring students into careers in the entertainment fields."

- Dr. Barry Marshall


I'm going to take a break from blowing all this smoke (via text) to you, Joe P and Rudy about what a talented engineer you are. Goddamned if those jams from the Boneyard don't sound awful good though..."

- David Hull (Buddy Miles, James Montgomery, Aerosmith/Joe Perry etc.)