Paul Santo is a Grammy® Award winning American multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, producer/engineer, career coach/consultant-for-hire and low-budget philosopher who has appeared on records by artists as diverse as Aerosmith, Ringo Starr, Jonny Lang, Ozzy Osbourne and Michael Bolton, to name a few, with numerous gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards to his credit. Paul has written, recorded, performed on and engineered records from Boston to LA to London, reggae to metal and country to hip-hop. He has been at the console as both Steven Tyler and Joe Perry's personal engineer (as well as Aerosmith's house engineer at Pandora's Box) and recording sound for artists such as David Gilmour, Eric Clapton, Kid Rock & Eric Carmen and producers like Desmond Child, Jack Douglas and Mark Hudson. 

   Aside from his recording and production prowess, Paul is a go-to studio and live musician. He has appeared on records as a guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, singer and drummer from major (Sony, Koch, Ryko, Epic, and more) to indie labels, as well as played shows and toured with a variety of music's biggest acts. His unique and expressive style is best described in the words of one peer:  "He plays all the notes I wanted to hear, but never expected to".

   Outside of the topsy turvey world of rock and roll, Paul has composed pieces for the iconic PBS program "Nova", "American Pickers" and "This Old House" as well as The Discovery Channel, The History Channel and Lifetime Channel movies. He has also appeared on network television on both "Late Night with David Letterman" and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Paul has performed live to audiences numbering from 1 to 20,000 people. 

   From soundtracks to soundchecks, Paul Santo has done it all, including being a trained dispute mediator...a valuable asset when working closely within the unique relationships found in music .

   Currently working as music business consultant/guru, composing music for TV, film, mobile apps, video games and other recording artists, while occasionally touring the world with The Joe Perry Project and sitting in at any open mic that'll have him, Paul offers a wide range of musical services and has recorded, written and/or played with The Raspberries, Ozzy Osbourne, Ringo Starr, Aerosmith, Chris Botti, Eric Carmen, Marti Frederiksen, Cheap Trick, DMC, Alejandra Guzman, Jonny Lang, Eric Clapton, Jack Douglas, David Gilmour, jazz great Charlie Haden, Johnny Johnson, Desmond Child, Adrian Belew, Randy Cantor, Leann Rimes and Kid Rock among many others.

   Please visit my media pages which have all manner of fascinating video, pictures and whatnots: facebook.com.paulsantomusicinstagram.com/thatguypaulsanto and twitter.com/paulsantomusic



Recipient of Grammy™ Award: Alejandra Guzman - "Soy"

Grammy™ Nominee: Aerosmith - "Just Push Play" - Rock Album

Grammy™ Nominee: Aerosmith - "Jaded" - Best Rock Song

Mix TEC Award: Aerosmith - "Jaded" - Record Production/Single or Track




Aerosmith- "Music From Another Dimension":
assorted keyboards, assorted engineering, assorted organizing, editing, pre-production and writing session coordinator/editor with ST & JP, mayhem contributor and moral support

Ozzy Osbourne - "Under Cover"
guitar (Epic)

Ringo Starr - "Ringo Rama":
engineer, Pro Tools, guitar, keyboards,
backing vocals, co-writer (Koch)

"American Pickers" History Channel TV show: composer/performer/recording

Joe Perry "Have Guitar Will Travel"

Guitarist/keyboardist/vocals in Joe Perry Project, international touring, recording & television appearances

 Raspberries:  "Live On Sunset Strip"
engineer (Ryko)

TV appearance (guitar)
on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 

Video appearance (guitar): The Amnesty International
"Man Of Peace"

"Last Hours In Suburbia" Lifetime Television: composer/performer/recording

"The March Sisters At Christmas" Lifetime Television:
“Renovation Blues" composer/performer/recording

"The Goldfather" NatGeo TV show:

Redneck Roundup" Animal Planet TV show: composer/performer/recording

Joe Perry- "Man of Peace" from Amnesty
International "Chimes Of Freedom:

The Songs of Bob Dylan" CD: Hammond Organ

Discovery Channel "Extreme Engineering": composer/performer/recording

"Nate Berkus Show" and "Mi Corazon Insiste" (Telemundo TV): composer/performer/recording

Animal Planet: "Must Love Cats" and "Dogs 101": composer/performer/recording

Steven Tyler iPhone Application "AppSoLewdly"
audio recording and editing

PBS/Nova Series "Making Stuff"

Aerosmith - "Honkin On Bobo"
engineer, Pro Tools, Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammond organ, piano, pump organ (Sony)

Elton John, Rod Stewart, Ozzy Osbourne & others - 
 Tsunami/Hurricane Relief recording of "Tears In Heaven"
bass (All major labels)

TV appearance (guitar)
on The Late Show With David Letterman

Chris Botti (w/Steven Tyler) - "To Love Again"
 (Produced by Bobby Colomby)
engineer, Pro Tools (Sony)

DMC - "Checks, Thugs and Rock and Roll"
(Joey Kramer & Tom Hamilton)
drums/bass producer & recording, Pro Tools

Alejandra Guzman - "Soy":
engineer, Pro Tools, guitars, bass, keyboards; "Soy" was the winner of two Grammy awards (Sony International)

Aerosmith - "Just Push Play":
engineer, Pro Tools, drums and bass preproduction, keyboards, Steven Tyler, Joey Kramer & Tom Hamilton's personal engineer (Sony)

Jonny Lang - "Long Time Coming":
keyboards (A&M)

Aerosmith - "O Yeah":
Pro Tools, engineer (Sony)

Alejandra Guzman - "Futbol" Theme (Televisa World Cup Soccer): drums, guitar, engineer, Pro Tools

Aerosmith "Angel's Eyes" (Charlie's Angels soundtrack): engineer/tracking

Kid Rock:
engineer, Pro Tools, vocal tracking for special release

Michael Bolton - "Only A Woman Like You":
bass, guitars, engineering, Pro Tools (Jive)

Sakis - "Ola Kala":
guitar (Polygram)

Steven Tyler & Lenny Kravitz (Sly Stone tribute):
Pro Tools, engineer

Bon Jovi, Jonny Lang, Leann Rimes, Santana, & Backstreet Boys:
demos for new CDs: performance, engineer, Pro Tools

Aerosmith with Chuck D, Buster Rhymes & others:
2003 ESPY Awards theme "Let's Get Loud": engineer, Pro Tools

Aerosmith - "Lizzard Love" from "Rugrats Go Wild" Soundtrack: engineer, Pro Tools (Hollywood)

Cheap Trick-"Scent of a Woman", single remix:
engineer, Pro Tools, keyboards




 Why take career advice from someone who hasn’t been there? I have helped record and have played on million-selling records, soundtracks and TV shows. My work and imagination has been rewarded with, among other things, a Grammy award. I’ve had songs placed on major league records, TV shows and movies!

   I have experienced every aspect of serious tours, serious recordings and serious promotion, working with some of the greatest musicians, singers, producers and songwriters known to man. I shut up a lot and listened, but when I needed an answer, I asked. I’ve lived my life playing a variety of instruments, in recording studios and on stage, writing songs and have engineered and produced countless recordings…and have encountered every roadblock you could imagine to “make it", and did it by following my instincts and working ridiculously hard. That's what you have to do, at least the latter! There is a perspective that having “ been there” gives you that can’t be duplicated if you have not. Accept no imitations, baby!

   While others are concentrating on teaching you ways to market yourself, I'm different! I want to help mentor you to create your best art and your best product. After all, you NEED to have something worth someone’s hard-earned money, whether that someone is a TV producer or music fans like we are; songwriting, arranging, production & recording, stage presentation, image....they all need to be dialed in to your very best.

    I offer hand-held navigation through the ever-changing music industry, and provide honest advice and creative solutions for artists and musicians at all levels in their career path. 




Let me share my experience and knowledge with you. I offer Skype and FaceTime consultations on career counseling, songwriting, multi-instrument playing and my unique learning techniques, and any music industry questions you may have. I also offer in-person clinics, lectures, learning experiences, written evaluations and suggestions from submitted material (regarding production, songwriting, and more), songwriting and arranging analysis and coaching, production advice on how to combine the best of home recording with professional recording, tips on clothing and stage presence, stage presentation/arrangement, how to spend money wisely (!), growing your audience through tantalization, internal band/band and label mediation dispute resolution (I am a trained mediator — Strauss Institute/Pepperdine University), and more.



I offer complete studio session recording services, and provide an array of performance: drums, bass, acoustic, electric and baritone guitars, lap steel and slide, vintage and modern keyboards, loops, backing vocals, and special effects. I'm available to mix your songs as well as contribute my talents to any additional parts you may need for your project (drums, bass, guitar, vocals, you name it!). Please listen to the tracks on my Music Page to hear why artists like Ringo Starr, Aerosmith and Ozzy Osbourne have had me play on their records.



Get your song ideas down quickly and learn how to refine recording for max impact, WITHOUT being overwhelmed by technology. I offer songwriting and arranging analysis, coaching, sensible or adventuresome parts arrangement (and both together!), vocal arranging, song doctoring, and everything I know on the topic of songwriting through my history as a professional. I'll help you learn to think outside the box, maximize your strong points, minimize your weaker points and help you to the ultimate goal of your best work! You should not settle for less than the best.